The Bigfoot Adventure Weekends Staff

The Bigfoot Adventure Weekends staff includes Alan, Jesse, Jim and Dave, all of them have lead investigations of Bigfoot. The guys have a passion for adventure and love exploring the woods in search of evidence of the elusive Sasquatch. All four have been actively investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon for the last several years and have had many interesting encounters deep in the woods at night.

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    David Wickham

    David "Taters" Wickham has always been fascinated with television shows like IN SEARCH OF..., MYSTERIOUS MONSTERS and THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK. He has been on multiple public and private expeditions to search for Sasquatch in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. Dave contributes his 24 yrs of experience as a physical therapist concerning bio mechanics for gait patterns of bipedal origin. He believes in the existence of Bigfoot and that finding proof is the greatest adventure of all.

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    Jim Myers

    Jim Myers has been an avid Sasquatch believer for most of his adult life, but only in the last eight years has he moved from Bigfoot believer to Bigfoot researcher. Jim and his wife, Daphne, own a very unique store in Bailey, CO called The Sasquatch Outpost. The Outpost houses not only one of the largest collections of Bigfoot souvenirs anywhere in the country, but is also the home of the Sasquatch Encounter Discovery Museum, which has seen close to 15,000 visitors in the past 3 years.

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    Jesse Morgan

    Jesse began taking researching Bigfoot seriously in the summer of 2009. Growing up with a family that primitive camped nearly every summer has given Jesse a lifetime of experience in the field. This comfort level allows Jesse to see and hear things others may miss while in the field. Jesse has a diverse background that includes strategic planning, marketing and military. Jesse’s background gives him a critical eye and the drive to get the answers needed to solve this mystery. Jesse would like nothing more than to bring conclusive evidence to the world that proves the existence of Bigfoot

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    Alan Megargle

    Alan began researching the Bigfoot phenomenon during the summer of 2009. Being in the field has been the number one priority for Alan, and this effort has resulted in a number of “close calls” including recordings of possible wood knocks and vocalizations. Despite having a successful career as an engineer, Alan’s true passion is a calling to research the unknown. Since childhood he has always found time to get in the field, digging his heels into another muddy uphill hike. Alan finds excitement in knowing he could share one of the greatest scientific discoveries with the world.