Spiritual Bigfoot Retreat 2023

When: September 28 - October 1, 2023
Where: Glen Isle Resort, Bailey, CO
Details: Alan Megargle and Ronald C Meyer have partnered with Glen Isle Resort to bring the Spiritual Bigfoot Retreat to Colorado. Expand your consciousness and become more connected to yourself and to the world you live in. Join our amazing guest presenters that will guide you on your journey as you attempt contact with Bigfoot. It is well-documented that Glen Isle Resort is a place where interdimensional Bigfoot can make its presence felt at any time (Watch the films The Bigfoot of Bailey and It's Portal and Spiritual Bigfoot: A Personal Journey). We, as ordinary human beings, have a dual nature of being Superman/Superwoman as well as Clark Kent/Lois Lane. According to the First Nations, the legend of Bigfoot has a dual nature that can be as physical as we are most of the time or can be spiritual without limitations as we can become. We believe Bigfoot can show up and remind us (wake us up) of our dual nature . In this way we are one, together. Tickets are very limited, register today!

Register Now $1,200 per person (18+ Only)

Early Bird Pricing: Register before June 1st, 2023 for only $1,000.
Refund cutoff date: September 1st, 2023

Dr. Diana Pasulka, author of the groundbreaking book “American Cosmic”, has said that the only direct way to make contact with the deepest reality, including Bigfoot, is either through technology or by entering into the flow state.

During the retreat you will engage in practices that will bring you into the flow state and we will use a variety of techniques and technologies for each person to have experiences that will release psychological knots that are preventing participants from realizing their true nature. It is our hope and belief, in addition to some mind blowing Bigfoot experiences, that participants will be able to open a window to remarkable synchronicity’s going forth in life and a new skill of accessing profound intuitions derived from a higher source.